Something different. I started this painting 15 years ago, wanting to try something other than the typical landscapes I had been painting. I wanted to experiment with adding humans to my landscapes.


This painting is based on a photo I took during a blizzard---the photo is now long lost. At the time I was living in South Minneapolis. The man walking down the sidewalk is a stranger to me...but maybe not to you, if only we knew his name.  :)


I abandoned this painting because I was convinced I would never be able to get the detail on the human right. When I found this unfinished painting in my basement just recently, I can't imagine what I was thinking. I touched up a few loose areas and finessed the house in the background a bit. 


Sometimes our expectations of perfection hold us back. You gotta wait until the time is right to realize that though. Personally, letting this painting simmer for 15 years until I was at the stage in my life where I could accept (more or less) my imperfections was the right time for me. Smoothing rough edges is sometimes all you need to do, and let go of pie-in-the-sky ideas. Come back to reality. Don't try so hard. Art lets me let go of imperfections. My college painting professor called it "taming the wild beast."


How do you tame your wild beasts?


How do your expectations of perfection hold you back? What can you do to move forward---starting right here, right now?

City Blizzard

  • Painted edges, ready for framing--or hanging unframed like the true hipster you are.  :)