Unfinished business

I found a bunch of unfinished paintings in my basement when quarantine started. So now I am working on finishing them. Since Creators Space closed when the Stay-at-Home guidelines were ordered, I brought my painting supplies home with me and set up a makeshift studio in the office I share with my husband Steve. I plan on also bringing my supplies out into my backyard with me and trying plane air painting which I’ve never tried before… Been too afraid, but now is the time.

This particular painting, I started about 15 years ago and abandoned because I felt like I couldn’t get the people perfected. However, now that I’ve had some time away and distance, I realize that it looks great the way it is, so I’m gonna leave the figures as they lay and just work on finishing the dog and the beach blanket etc.

The place is Hidden beach on Cedar Lake in Minneapolis, and I used to go there almost every day with my friends in the summertime. It was a hippie beach back then, but now it has been gentrified.


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