Money has Energy

How do you predict the end of the world? What do you do when you are living in it? Grieve for the good things you didn't get a chance to say goodbye to, buckle up and engage in the ride. Watch your childhood burn and maybe shed a tear but get excited about the beauty of the new world to come. --Candida Gonzalez (@candida612

Money has energy. I'm one of those hippie-dippie people who believes that if you're sharing your money in a positive way, you're sharing that positive energy with the people who receive that money. That positive money-energy is then distributed further out into the world. Being thoughtful and purposeful about where you're sharing your money can help multiple this positive energy.  

When I started this series of abstract paintings, I originally thought about selling them for $75 a piece and then donating the money to Black Lives Matter. However, after talking with several friends and other artists at Creators Space, I decided to take a different approach. All eight paintings will be available as gifts--free--if you donate to a BIPOC (black, indiginous, person-of-color) organization or buy from a BIPOC-owned business. Any amount. Share a receipt with me and you get to choose which painting you want.

Art has energy too. A friend who was affected by the uprising told me about how she walked down Lake Street and saw the painted plywood pieces protecting store windows. She said to me: "Art heals." Money has energy, and art does too. Make a little art today to put some healing energy out into the world. Even if you only doodle something stupid for 15 seconds. You just took an electrical reaction from inside your brain, told your hand to move, and put it on a piece of paper. Get excited for the new world. 

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